What’s Happening

A Hard Rain Fell - Liv O’Donoghue

    A Hard Rain Fell is a new short film written by Rachel Donnelly and directed by Liv O’Donoghue. Excerpts from the film will be shown as part of Liz Roche Company’s Alternately Terrific and Gentle online December 13th. The film will then premiere in 2021.


so close i noticed my breath on the glass - Murmuration            

      so close i noticed my breath on the glass is an intimate audio show for a shopping centre as Christmas approaches. Audiences are invited to put on headphones and drown out the noise of the crowd around them as they follow in the footsteps of Dad and Sorcha from shop window to shop window. A show about imagination, shop mannequins and parents trying their best.

Presented with support from Corcadorca and Bewley’s Café Theatre.

Lúminaria by Fionnuala Gygax - Maisie Lee         

    The national tour of ‘Lúminaria’ by Fionnuala Gygax originally planned for this December has been postponed until next May.


Will I See You There - Murmuration

To Be A Machine - Dead Centre

 A Death in The Family - Kate Haley

 Pasolini’s Salò Redubbed - Dylan Tighe           

Minefield by Clare Monnelly - Aaron Monaghan          

Soda Blonde Tour Poster - Molly Keane

Phoenix by Kojaque & Luka Palm -Hugh Mulhern      

Christy - Brendan Canty

Lúminaria WIP -  Maisie Lee       

Summertime - Murmuration

Waiting For Godot - Patrick Sutton

AirBnb by Kojaque & Luka Palm - Sam McGrath & Kojaque